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I find one of the most interesting things to watch is the process of creating art. Whether it be watching a painter painting a city skyline, a photographer finding just the right moment to snap a picture or two musical geniuses creating one hell of an album. Check some behind the scenes footage of the making of Watch the Throne featuring Iceberg Slim and The Louis Vuitton Don…

20/20 Vision

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Vision. It can mean many different things. In the simplest sense, it’s literally how we see the world around us. How we interpret the millions of different lights and colors around us every day.

It can also mean how we see the world in terms of our place in life, our relationships, our drive and ultimately where we want it all to lead. In this sense, we’re all capable of 20/20 vision. Think on it.

HamelBeats – 20/20 Vision

Dark Angel

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Look out for her.

HamelBeats – Dark Angel

Prime 8

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I’ve thrown a bunch of beats up on YouTube, why not take a listen? And why not start with this one? And why not make your way to my channel after that?

HamelBeats on YouTube

Altered Beats

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Altered Beast was the first game I had for Genesis back in the day. Here’s another reason to rise from your grave…

HamelBeats – Altered Beats

The Future of HamelBeats?

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Gotta Sleep

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Those nights have a way of creeping up on you fast. Starts with hanging out and watching some tv. Next on to making some music. Next I think I’ll check my email, check facebook, check twitter, check tumblr. Any new music come out? Time to check out 2dopeboyz, check okayplayer, check nahright, check pitchfork. Anything to avoid having to go to sleep just to wake up for work. Back to making some music, at least I finished this off before giving in…

HamelBeats – Gotta Sleep

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